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Hello and welcome to an opportunity to reclaim the most precious commodity in life, your time. Currency can be regained, but time once spent is gone forever. I founded Template Warehouse because like me you’re probably a busy person who values their time.

You’ve realised that in todays hustle and bustle you have to work smarter, not harder to thrive at work and have the time to enjoy some play.

My offering to you is not about buying a form, but more importantly getting your time back by eliminating the need to spend hours recreating ‘what already exists’. When you consider using my forms, my single piece of advice is please ‘help me to help you’.  You can do this by:

A: recognising that your time has a value and unlike currency once spent cant be recouped, and

B: put the investment cost of time saving activities in the true context of the dollar value. For example consider:

A cup of coffee is $4.50, add soy milk, say $5

An average fast food meal costs between $10 & $15 (that’s before drinks).

So when considering a template which may save you 1 hour is priced at $7, slightly higher than a coffee, is 1 hour of your time worth just under 1.5 coffee’s?  Consider this next time you baulk at spending $15 on something that will save you time.

After 32+ years across diverse industries, I’ve spent more than my share of time labouring over a computer (usually when everyone else has gone home) to first develop the template and then punch out that award winning business proposal, tender submission, project plan or report because nobody else in the organisation seemed to have a suitable template.

Times haven’t changed, forms are still needed no matter what industry or business you are in.  So my truly sincere hope is that my many years of expended effort and accumulated experience can translated into time saving for you. After all, why recreate the wheel, right? But for this to occur, you must first realise how valuable and irreplaceable your time really is. It took me 50 years, I hope you don’t make the same mistake.

I’m proud of the quality of my forms and I believe that for the many hours they will literally ‘give you back,’ they are very reasonably priced. Ultimately it comes down to you.

How much value do you place on your time?

By the way, if you can’t find what your looking for, let me know via ‘TOUCH BASE’ on the website and I’ll gladly consider developing it for you.

May you spend each day as if it were your last

May you eliminate the unnecessary to enjoy the ultimate

May you choose to have a terrific and productive life

Thanks for stopping by.


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